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Poslední dvoudenní soutěž WEC MAXXIS FIM World Enduro CHampionship určila konečné pořadí.                                                                                                                              

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Našim jezdcům mimo Michala Kadlečka - 8.+ 8.místo,se ve Francii moc nedařilo,Milan Engel v EJ nedosáhl ani jeden den na body,  27.- 23.místo,                                                               

Jakub Horák zajel svůj standard a byl s toho v sobotu 13. a v neděli 11.flek, a dalších 18 bodíků do konečného pořadí.                                                   


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FIM World Enduro Championship

Knighter wins in France, tops E2 on day two

At the end of what has been a hugely challenging season David Knight has claimed victory at the final round of the '09 World Enduro Championship, the GP of France staged in St Flour. Proving that he is without question still one of the world's very best enduro racers, Knighter battled hard during both days to claim the runner-up spot in the E2 class on day one before topping the E2 podium on day two aboard his 450cc Kawasaki Superbike Racing Team machine.

Finishing fourth and third in the Enduro 2 class at the GP of Greece - his first outing for Kawasaki - Knight's second and first place results in France show that despite his mid-season change of machinery he never gave up on ending 2009 with a win. In topping the Enduro 2 class on day two David claimed his first ever E2 class victory, and with it put in one of the event's most impressive performances.

David Knight: "It's been a great weekend. With everything that's happened this season this is the first time that I've felt like I've really been able to focus on just racing an enduro. This win really means a lot. We've not had the luxury of a winter's testing so it's been a case of trying different things, guessing sometimes, to turn a standard motocross bike into a machine capable of winning at World Enduro Championship level, which we've done. Ok, Johnny Aubert wasn't racing, and everyone knows how fast he's been this season, but I'll take this victory. I had some new parts in my engine this weekend, which worked really well, but it took me a little while to get used to them. I really enjoyed day one because it was so close between myself and Juha - either of us could have won really. I was really happy to be able to fight all day with Juha. I had a really disappointing first test on day two, but after that I was able to get going and find my speed. I had a really good fight with Salminen and Rodrig Thain in the morning but I just wanted to make sure I didn't make any mistakes. I made one mistake on day one and I think it cost me the win. I didn't want to push too hard too soon. I wanted to wait and see if the others made mistakes, before staying safe on the last lap. It's great to end the season with a win and I have to say a huge thanks to my team."


Still one world title had to be decreed during the second day of the GRAND PRIX AMV OF FRANCE in Saint Flour, in the most tightened category of the championship, the small-engines of ENDURO 1. While ensuring the 4th place of the day, Mika AHOLA (SF-HM) becomes E1 world champion, the third crown of his career and the second following in the category.

Mika AHOLA: “ I feel very very relax now. I could have taken it easy today but finally it’s easier to go full gas and think about nothing. Actually this season was better than last year when I was fighting until the end. This year I was thinking I’m already the champion at half season. Then I started to take it easy. I hope I will go on to improve as a good wine, the older I’ll get the better I’ll be. Next season everything is still open. I don’t have a contract yet and I didn’t choose my category.”

Note that Mika Ahola imposes himself as the best rider into Extreme Tests in the overall. He succeeds Juha Salminen and wins for the second time the BMW MOTORRAD XTREME TEST AWARD and the BMW G450 X promised to the best rider. For the victory of the day in this ultimate round of the championship, Marc GERMAIN (FRA-YAM) and Antoine MEO (FRA-HVA) offered a brave fight. The Husqvarna factory rider gets a sixth victory on MAXXIS FIM WEC, with 3.45 seconds in advance, and completes an amazing end of season.

Released from any stake, ENDURO 2 class also offered a nice spectacle to the tens of thousands spectators of this record final. If Rodrig THAIN (FRA-TM) sometimes showed signs of weakness in end of race in 2009, this Sunday the French seems more regular than ever. In spite of a wounded wrist he ends second, at the same time signing his best result since his coming on the WEC three years ago. However ENDURO 2 does not miss contenders, and the TM rider rubbed with Juha SALMINEN (SF-BMW) and David KNIGHT (GB-KAW) avid of victory. The BMW leader third proves once more that his machine reached an optimal performance level, while the British winner get a revenge on his bad start of season. Knight has from now all the keys to convince Kawasaki to support him on 2010 WEC.

In E2 or E3, Italians from HM Honda make good results, with the fourth places of Oscar BALLETTI (ITA-HM) and Fabio MOSSINI (ITA-HM). In the big class, Mossini is getting closer of Top 3. In the absence of Samuli ARO (SF-KTM) wounded, Ivan CERVANTES (ESP-KTM) crowned the day before offers to KTM a second place of the day. On his side Sebastien GUILLAUME (FRA-HVA) loses one position compared to the day before and goes up on the third walk of the podium of the day as in the final classification of the championship. The revelation of this last GRAND PRIX AMV OF FRANCE is incontestably Christophe NAMBOTIN (FRA-GAS). Recently confirmed by Gas Gas for the two next seasons, the French following the example of his compatriot Méo in E1 finishes the year brilliantly, with a double victory in the category and in the unofficial overall.

Christophe NAMBOTIN: “ It was physically very hard today, since the end of last lap I was tired but my motivation made the difference. I think that was the same for my adversaries but here the public gave me more energy. I was really motivated for this race, maybe I wanted to erase the few deceptions and mistakes I had this year. This week-end I was 100% and everything worked well. I think it’s also an achievement for my team, so I’m happy.”

Oriol MENA (ESP-HSB) titrated earlier in the season, the last meeting definitively sealed the podium of the Junior class. By ending first, Benoît FORTUNATO (FRA-YAM) gets the plate of number 2, after realizing a promising end of season. Victor GUERRERO (ESP-YAM) has not been able to dispute the title of vice champion to the French because he hurt his finger during this second day. The prize list of the WEC would be incomplete without mentioning the final victory of Romain DUMONTIER (FRA-HVA) in front of Jonathan MANZI (ITA-HVA) in the classification of the FIM YOUTH CUP 125 CC powered by HUSQVARNA.

Meo enjoys double E1 class victory at GP of France

Continuing his recent run of good form Frenchman Antoine Meo has ensured success for Husqvarna at the final round of the ’09 World Enduro Championship, the GP of France staged in St Flour. Winning the Enduro 1 class on both days aboard his TE250 – his second double E1 class victory in as many races – Meo once again showed that he had the beating of his E1 class rivals despite being pushed hard on both days. Joining Meo in securing podium results Seb Guillaume claimed second and third place results in the Enduro 3 class. At the end of a demanding season Meo secured the runner-up position in the E1 championship standings while Guillaume finished third in E3.

For the second consecutive event the World Enduro Championship enjoyed dry weather. And with thousands of spectators turning out to watch the final round of the ’09 season the event proved to be a memorable one. With three challenging special tests, as well as two demanding time controls, the event was anything but easy.

For Antoine Meo the GP of France ended in celebration as for the second consecutive WEC race the former GP motocross rider enjoyed class winning success. Wanting to impress in front of his home fans Meo topped the Friday night Super Test before continuing to dominate the E1 class. Pushed hard by Mika Ahola early on day one, Antoine edged ahead as the day neared its close and enjoyed a 20 second winning margin. On day two Meo had to work hard for victory. Battling against countryman Marc Germain little separated the two throughout the day with Antoine just doing enough to secure his sixth consecutive day win of the season. Competing alongside Meo in the E1 class for Husqvarna Marc Bourgeois placed a creditable sixth on day one before claiming the exact same result on day two.

Disappointingly, due to the injury of Bartosz Oblucki at the GP of Greece the CH Racing Husqvarna team were unable to field any riders in the Enduro 2 class. Despite having scored no points in the last two rounds of the ’09 WEC series Oblucki still placed a creditable sixth in the final end of season championship standings.

Husqvarna’s Seb Guillaume brought his ’09 Enduro 3 campaign to a successful close in St Flour as the Frenchman visited the podium on both days. Although hoping to claim victory in front of his home crowd Seb placed a deserved second on day one having pushed newly crowned E3 World Champion Ivan Cervantes into third. On day two Seb again rode well but slipped to third. Seb also claimed third in the ’09 Enduro 3 World Championship standings.

Antoine Meo – Enduro 1: “It’s been a fantastic event for me and everyone in the Husqvarna team. I never imagined that I would have so much support from the spectators - it was incredible. Everywhere around the special test and course they were cheering me on. It was amazing. I made a lot of mistakes on the first day and crashed three times but I still managed to win, which was great. Then again on day two I crashed twice on the enduro test. That made it really close between Marc Germain and myself. I felt really good so I was able to push hard right the way until the end of the race, and I won again. It’s been amazing to win in front of so many of my supporters.”

Seb Guillaume – Enduro 3: “It’s been a great event but a really difficult race for me. I’m not sure if it was because there were so many people here supporting me but I didn’t ride my best on the first day, I didn’t get going like I wanted to. Christophe Nambotin was really fast on day one, which left me to have a great fight with Cervantes. I’m pleased with second but I know I could have ridden better. The second day was tough because the course was really rough and the special tests were really challenging. Finishing the season with another podium result was great, but I really wanted to win. The enduro test became a little dangerous so I didn’t want to take any risks. I made a lot of little crashes so I’m pleased with third.”


Swedish rider Joakim Ljunggren rounded off a good season for the Husaberg Factory Team on Sunday when he garnered enough points in the final two rounds of E2 to hang onto third overall in the world championship standings.
The battle for third overall intensified for Ljunggren on Saturday when his arch rival Cristobal Guerrero of Spain was third to his tenth place narrowing the gap and setting the stage for an exciting final encounter in St. Flour, France.

Perfect day, Ljunggren says
After the race Ljunggren said he had a perfect day on Sunday to finish up the order in fifth place and seal his place on the final season podium. “Today was a perfect day for me,” Joakim said. “I was very nervous and I did not feel I had ridden well on Saturday so I went out and walked the extreme test last night and that made the difference. I was nervous and I knew I could not make any mistakes. But I was really on the gas today and I am very happy with how the season has gone for me. I was hoping to be in the top five so it’s great to finish third overall. I’ve stayed healthy all season and my bike has been great.”

Mixed luck on Saturday
In general Saturday was a mixed day for the Husaberg riders and with Oriol Mena, the newly crowned EJ World Champion already sidelined with a broken collarbone, other members of the factory team were also forced to retire through injury or sickness. In E3 Bjorne Carlsson’s chances of going out in glory were spoiled after the Swedish rider came down with a heavy cold this week and was forced to retire in the second lap. “I managed the first lap but after that it was not possible to continue,” Carlsson said. “I have been sick all week and I really wanted my end of season to finish on a high note but that has not been possible.” Saturday was his final appearance in the world championships although he will continue racing at national level.

Ankle injury foils Salonen's final race
It was also no fun for Husaberg’s E2 rider Valtteri Salonen of Finland who had to pull out on Saturday because of the discomfort of an ankle injury he sustained in the Finnish National championships last weekend. “I tried to compete today but it was just not comfortable to ride. I won’t be able to start on Sunday,” he said.

Calle Sjoo third in EJ Sunday
Meanwhile Young Swede Calle Sjoo provided a final highlight for the Husaberg boys in blue on Sunday when he finished third in EJ for his second podium of the season. He finished in sixth position overall, significantly better than his stated goal of a top 10 spot at the end of the season.

Good team result overall
Drawing a line under the 2009 season team boss Thomas Gustavsson said he had been very satisfied with his riders’ collective performance. “We had a world championship title in the EJ class with Oriol (Mena) and now Joakim has finished third overall. We can be very happy with the way the season has gone for us,” he said.

Positive end to ’09 WEC series for McLaughlin 

Electraction TM UK rider Phillip McLaughlin has brought his participation in the ’09 World Enduro Championship to a positive end with a seventh place result in the Enduro Junior class at the GP of France. With the penultimate round of the series, the GP of Greece, having ended with a day two DNF after Phillip crashed heavily on the event’s extreme test, the eight and final round of the series saw the Irishman perform well against a stacked Enduro Junior class, earning him and end-of-season 12th position in the EJ class final standings.

With French riders dominating the Enduro Junior class on day one of the GP of France McLaughlin found it tough to break into the top 10. Giving his best throughout the day less than 12 seconds separated Phillip from a top 10 result.

Day two was an altogether better day for Mclaughlin. With the opening day having taken its toll on many of the EJ class riders, the second day saw yet more retirements. But for Phillip it brought an improved result as impressive performances on the extreme test, and solid riding on the motocross and enduro tests, saw him place comfortably inside the top 10. Saving his best until last Phillip finished sixth in class on two of the final three special tests to ensure his participation in the ’09 WEC series ended on a high.

Also bringing his participation in the ’09 WEC series to a close was Electraction TM UK rider Gordon Clarke. With the dry and duty conditions not best suiting the Irishman Gordon battled his way through both days placing 13th and 12th. The world championship points Gordon scored in France, added to those he scored in Finland, ensured he placed 15th in the ’09 Enduro 3 World Championship.

Electraction TM UK supported Frenchman Rodrig Thain enjoyed a hugely successful home GP placing fourth in the Enduro 2 class on day one before finishing second on day two.

Phillip McLaughlin: “After the disappointments at the GP of Greece I’m pleased to have come away from the final round of the series with a top 10 result on day two. There are always a lot of fast French riders at the WEC races in France so I’m really pleased with seventh in class on day two. It was a tough race, with three tough tests and some hard going. The first day didn’t go so well but on day two things came together well.

It was written for Cervantes

For an enduro rider, the GRAND PRIX AMV OF FRANCE has never been a part of pleasure. For the eighth and last meeting of the season, the stars of MAXXIS FIM WEC took up a challenging race, on a track as technical as spectacular, through Cantal and the surroundings of beautiful Saint-Flour. Paths, drained river or career, all the ingredients of extreme enduro were joined together to offer the hardest test of the season. The Cantal failed to its reputation of least populated area in France with an impressive crowd bound all over the course. The theatre of the KTM SUPER TEST smiled to the French riders and more particularly to Christophe NAMBOTIN (FRA-GAS), author of an incredible reference time, 2.11 seconds faster than the rest of the riders who fight by hundredths.

With a strong national representation, ENDURO 3 is besides the major category of this first day of race. In the continuity of his excellent prologue, Nambotin dominates frankly the competition and wins the category with 1 minute 11 seconds in advance. He proves that he definitively took the ascending on his compatriot and adversary Sebastien GUILLAUME (FRA-HVA), second of E3. It sufficed for Ivan CERVANTES (ESP-KTM) the leader to the championship to ensure a honourable fourth place to be crowned world champion. The Spaniard finishes third and finds again a title in the big class which he had conquered for the last time in 2007, the fourth of his career.

Ivan CERVANTES: “I was surprised because I was feeling confident during all the day. I knew here Nambotin and Guillaume would be very hard to beat, so I didn’t want to take too muck risks, I preferred to make my own race. I lost some seconds by riding safely but here a result in top 4 was enough to win the title. I am very happy with this new world crown, we had a hard battle this season. Victory comes back home, finally.”

Mika AHOLA (SF-HM) could have won the title in E1 during this first round. But while falling in the Enduro Test, he loses one minute and retrogrades at the third place of ENDURO 1. On his side Antoine MEO (FRA-HVA), after a few concentration problems at mid-race, offers himself a victory in front of his public, and pushes back the expiry of the Finn’s crowning, who should avoid any mistake during the ultimate day of the championship. Returning on the WEC, Marc GERMAIN (FRA-YAM) intercalates himself between the two strong men of the championship, and proves that in spite of his absence he did not lose anything of his level on the world scene.

Johnny AUBERT (FRA-KTM) unfortunately missed the rendez-vous with his public. The recent world champion of ENDURO 2 had to give up after one hour of race, with the wake up of the injury he suffered during last Greek Grand Prix. In his absence Rodrig THAIN (FRA-TM) animates E2, until mid-race where he yields to the pressure of the duo Knight-Salminen. The former teammates are new adversaries, and in this end of season the determination of Juha SALMINEN (SF-BMW) takes the advantage on the will of David KNIGHT (GB-KAW) for 7.40 seconds. The Finn offers at the same time a second victory to BMW in Grand Prix in 2009. Third, Cristobal GUERRERO (ESP-YAM) completes the podium of E2.

The JUNIOR category saw the rising of the young French guard. Surprising Sebastien BOZZO (FRA-HVA) victorious and Benoit FORTUNATO (FRA-YAM) second animated the race. Yannick BOSSI (FRA-TM) punctuates this podium 100% French. In the brawl for the second final place of the championship, Fortunato the future Husaberg factory rider takes the advantage on Victor GUERRERO (ESP-YAM) only 6th. The second round of the GRAND PRIX AMV OF FRANCE will decide on Sunday the issue of the championship.

KTM's Cervantes 2009 E3 World Champion with one race in hand

Ivan Cervantes, the Spanish rider in the KTM Enduro Factory Racing Team on Saturday wrapped up his E3 season in a blaze of glory in St. Flour, France with a third place in round 15 to take the World Championship title ahead of the final round on Sunday.

His third place on Saturday gave Cervantes the unbeatable edge and the title, allowing him to coast home in Sunday's final race to close off what has been a great season for him and his team. It was the second world championship title for KTM Enduro Factory Racing after Johnny Aubert won the E2 title last weekend in Serres, Greece.

By sealing the title on Saturday, Cervantes spoiled the party on home turf for his two French rivals Christophe Nambotin and Sebastien Guillaume on their home ground. He finished second in E1 World Championship last season and went on in the winter to win the Indoor World Championship and in doing so achieved his stated goal for the season. Of the 15 rounds held so far in what is a gruelling and difficult series of races, Cervantes topped the podium in 10 rounds and took three minor podium places.

KTM Enduro Factory Racing's boss Fabio Farioli was understandably pleased to be celebrating the team's second world championship title in two weeks and was generous in his praise for both Cervantes and the whole team. "We did a great job," he said. "Ivan went out today very concentrated and he knew he had to control Nambotin to be able to wrap up the title. He had to attack but at the same time he had to make no mistakes and not take any risks and he managed to do that. The race was long and very difficult, just as the French races are always," he added.

Cervantes, 27, who is passionate about sandy and difficult tracks like those at home in Spain, first rode for KTM in 2000 on a 125cc machine in contrast to his 530 EXC on which he took the E3 title on Saturday.

Podium result for Knight on WEC return

Kawasaki Superbike Racing Team rider David Knight made a return to the World Enduro Championship podium at the penultimate round of the '09 series staged in Serres, Greece - his first ever WEC event aboard Kawasaki machinery. In unfamiliar dry and dusty conditions Knight took an early lead in the E2 class on day one before his progress was halted when he broke a foot peg on the first timed enduro test. Ending the day fourth Knight won each of the four extreme special tests. On day two a three-rider fight for the E2 top spot saw David battle against Juha Salminen and Cristobal Guerrero. Dominating the extreme test once again David missed out on the runner-up position by less than half a second and placed just 18 seconds behind eventual winner Salminen.

David Knight: "The main thing for me is that I really enjoyed the event. It was tough with the heat but generally I'm pleased with the way it went. Returning to the WEC was never going to be easy, but I've improved throughout the weekend and know where improvements can be made. Day one started really well and I managed to open up about an 18 second lead, which was good, but then I broke a footpeg in the first enduro test. That cost me a lot of time. On the extreme test my bike was perfect, but it was too soft on the enduro test. I was pleased enough with the way the first day went though. I had many more good tests than I did bad. The second day was really good. Things were really close between myself, Salminen and Guerrero early on. I made some mistakes on a few tests, caught a few slower riders on some others, and at the same time Juha was riding really well. The extreme test always went well. It was on the faster going where I was losing out a little. I'm pleased that I was competitive, but a little disappointed that I missed out on second by next to nothing. I feel like I've improved a lot during the weekend and that I really started getting back into it. Like I said I know where I can improve the bike and myself so I'm looking forward to the French Enduro Championship event next weekend and the WEC final the week after. I have to thank my team for doing a great job all weekend." Results - '09 WEC Rnd 7, GP of Greece Enduro 2 class, Day 1 1. Johnny Aubert (KTM) 55:42.12; 2. Juha Salminen (BMW) 56:09.19; 3. Cristobal Guerrero (Yamaha) 56:19.35; 4. David Knight (Kawasaki Superbike Racing Team) 56:48.58

Enduro 2 class, Day 2 1. Juha Salminen (BMW) 51:13.10; 2. Cristobal Guerrero (Yamaha) 51:31.91; 3. David Knight (Kawasaki Superbike Racing Team) 51:32.28


Sweat and Champagne are the two main ingredients of the GRAND PRIX MAXXIS OF GREECE. For the first round of this penultimate test of the world season, the French Johnny Aubert offered himself a second title of enduro world champion, at the end of a day marked by many surprises. In the dust of the mountains as in the furnace of the plain of Serres, the stars of MAXXIS FIM WEC faced a hard restart of season, connecting four laps of race and twelve timed sectors at high speed.

Thanks to his invincibility on the six preceding events of 2009 WEC, it sufficed for Johnny AUBERT (FRA-KTM) to finish in front of his first rival to become world champion of the ENDURO 2 again. In spite of a beginning impressed of tension and punctuated by a few mistakes, the French managed to release himself in a long Enduro Test where qualities of enduro rider prevailed. Winner of the day, he precedes Juha SALMINEN (SF-BMW) second by 27.08 seconds and cap his second world crown, a first under the colours of KTM.

Johnny AUBERT: “I am very happy for KTM because we worked very much to win it. At the beginning of the year, only a few people thought that I could defend my title, so I had a feeling of revenge. I am glad to prove to those who did not believe in me that I am always here. What I am living this year is marvellous, I won all the races, I’m signing an incredible season, and I become dad for the second time. It is really a year of happiness.”

The other smile of this Saturday is the one of David KNIGHT (GB-KAW) on his Kawasaki. After an unhappy episode at BMW, the British giant comes back to life in his private structure. He punctuates his first appearance on the WEC on the machine of the Kawasaki Superbike Racing Team by an encouraging 4th place, despite a broken footpad. Knight just missed rhythm compared to his first adversaries in the Enduro Test. Cristobal GUERRERO (ESP-YAM), already fast on this same ground during 2008 ISDE, takes again confidence in the championship, he is on the third step of the podium. Note that by being wounded to the ankle, Bartosz OBLUCKI (POL-HVA) gives up, compromising his participation to the final of the championship and at the same time his third place in the general.

In ENDURO 1, Antoine MEO (FRA-HVA) shone once more. He took the race to his advantage from the KTM Super Test of the Friday evening, where his aggressive and sometimes lucky riding made the difference on Mika AHOLA (SF-HM). The Finnish leader of the championship had however decided to arrive one month earlier in Greece for studious holidays, in order to prepare the event and also to acclimatize himself to heat. But the will of the French, recently confirmed by Husqvarna for two years, is strongest. He wins with 1 minute 6 seconds in advance his third consecutive success on the WEC. The Finn on his side takes the second place and keeps in a comfortable position at the top of the standings, even if as in Mexico he was shoved by his own team mate, the French Julien GAUTHIER (FRA-HM). Author of a new podium, the HM Honda rider affirms himself more and more in front of the mainstays of the category who are Eero REMES (SF-HM) and Simone ALBERGONI (ITA-KTM).

The end of the championship approaches and the category ENDURO 3 is tightened. The true war that delivered today Christophe NAMBOTIN (FRA-GAS), Sebastien GUILLAUME (FRA-HVA), Samuli ARO (SF-KTM) and Ivan CERVANTES (ESP-KTM) is worthy of the best suspense movies. On the other hand the scenario is often the same at the end. Ivan Cervantes increases his effort while his adversaries undergo the by-effect of hotness. The Spanish winner precedes Guillaume second and Aro third. Finally fourth after a crash, Christophe Nambotin beats a Fabio MOSSINI (ITA-HM) always very fast in the Extreme Tests. For his beginnings in the category, the new Junior world champion Oriol MENA (ESP-HSB) takes a beautiful 6th place. Under conditions close to those met in Southern Spain, Victor GUERRERO (ESP-YAM) ends in second position of the Junior category, in front of his compatriot Lorenzo SANTOLINO (ESP-KTM). But the hero of the young class is Benoit FORTUNATO (FRA-YAM), supersonic in the two last special tests. He offers to French enduro a third Marseillaise anthem on the final podium of this first day of the GRAND PRIX MAXXIS OF GREECE, before Sunday second round of competition.


5 to 6 litres of water per day, that is what some riders had to drink during the race to face the torrid temperatures of Northern Greece in this end of August. Fortunately some clouds carrying shade gave a drop of the thermometer of world enduro. If we add the fact that the race have been cut down of one lap, we will say that the riders of the GRAND PRIX MAXXIS OF GREECE benefited from a special favour for this second day of competition. However the menu of the day remains demanding, because in addition to an interminable portion of dusty connection in the mountain, and short tricky special tests close to the paddock, the long Enduro Test often appeared decisive. If it is incontestably one of the most beautiful special tests of 2009 MAXXIS FIM WEC, it mixes all the technical ingredients of enduro and the best riders must take a maximum of risk in it to win.

The risk is precisely a major part of Antoine MEO’s (FRA-HVA) riding style in ENDURO 1. The WEC new superstar is like the day before the fastest man of this second Greek round. If he plays equal with Mika AHOLA (SF-HM) in Cross and Extreme Tests, he realizes a harvest of seconds in the Enduro Test, where the speed of the Finn was rather awaited. Meo offers Husqvarna the fourth consecutive success on the WEC with 40.56 seconds in advance and put pressure on the Finnish leader, who will have a margin of 27 points and thus not any possibility of mistake during the last event in France. The other fast French of E1 Julien GAUTHIER (FRA-HM) tried to battle, stuck between the members of KTM armada. He finishes first lap in the third place in front of Eero REMES (SF-KTM), Thomas OLDRATI (ITA-KTM) and Simone ALBERGONI (ITA-KTM). A position that he hardly managed to keep until the finish line.

In addition to the DNS of Bartosz OBLUCKI (POL-HVA) wounded to the ankle, and Rodrig THAIN (FRA-TM) injured to the wrist, the infirmary of ENDURO 2 welcomes this second day a guest star. Crowned world champion the day before, Johnny AUBERT (FRA-KTM) must give up, victim of the pain to the hand contracted during his fall of Saturday. The championship already won, the French will not be able to carry out a Grand Slam, he prefers to preserve his wounded hand. In his absence, Juha SALMINEN (SF-BMW) becomes for the first time this season the owner of the category. While resisting the successive attacks of Cristobal GUERRERO (ESP-YAM) and David KNIGHT (GB-KAW), he offers BMW a first historical success on MAXXIS FIM WEC.

Juha SALMINEN : « I’m happy, it’s always good to win even if Johnny couldn’t ride today. It’s important for BMW because we’ve been struggling quite a lot this year, and now things are going better and better. It’s complicated to explain all the few things that have changed on the bike but for sure we’ve been working hard. Now it would be interesting to compete with Johnny. I’m confident, after many second places, this win is perfect. »

On their sides, Cristobal Guerrero second and David Knight third confirm their results of the day before. They complete a new and surprising podium for E2 this season.

In full confidence, Ivan CERVANTES (ESP-KTM) seems to move inexorably towards the world title in ENDURO 3. His strong second day enables him to punctuate this Greek weekend by an important double win, for 2.88 seconds today, before the final of the championship. Behind the Spaniard, his direct adversaries are neutralized. Christophe NAMBOTIN (FRA-GAS) takes the second place in front of Sebastien GUILLAUME (FRA-HVA), third and slightly outdistanced. Following the example of his team mate Johnny Aubert, Samuli ARO (SF-KTM) wounded to the finger the day before preferred to give up. The radiographies made Serres hospital having revealed a fracture of thumb, he will not be able to take down the second place of the championship that he aimed.

The second final place of the championship is also in the heart of all covetousness among JUNIORS. The winner of this second round is Lorenzo SANTOLINO (ESP-KTM), in front of Benoit FORTUNATO (FRA-YAM). Ironically the BMW MOTORRAD EXTREME TEST AWARD is won by David Knight, he succeeds Antoine Meo faster on Saturday.

CH Racing Husqvarna Factory Enduro Team 2009

World Enduro Championship ’09 – Round 7, Serres, Greece, 29-30.8.2009

Meo wins again… dominates WEC GP of Greece

Following on from their many successes at the GP of Mexico the CH Racing Husqvarna team have once again enjoyed impressive results in the ’09 World Enduro Championship with Antoine Meo claiming a second consecutive Enduro 1 class double victory, this time dominating both days of the penultimate round of the WEC series. Determined to continue his recent run of good form, Meo produced his best ever WEC performances to date as he blitzed the E1 class on both days. The fastest outright performer on both days aboard his TE250, the Frenchman made next to no mistakes on any of the event’s demanding special tests. Joining Meo in delivering good results for Husqvarna was Seb Guillaume who came agonisingly close to topping the Enduro 3 class on day one yet still claimed podium results on both days.

While for many the opening day’s competition in Greece proved to be extremely challenging due to the many hours of competition and blistering heat Meo made the dry and dusty conditions look relatively simple as he clocked up special test win after special test win. Having posted the fastest time of any rider during the Friday night Super Test Antoine went on to record the fastest E1 class time on the opening seven tests on day one. Come the end of the day Meo had failed to win just one test and placed over one-minute ahead of Finn Mika Ahola.

On day two Meo was equally dominant. Pushing no harder than he needed to he quickly moved to the top of the E1 class as well as setting a pace faster than any other rider, irrespective of class. Making no mistakes Meo ended the second day’s competition with a 40 second lead to claim a well deserved win. Next up for Meo is his home round of the WEC series – a race he is well placed to win.

In the Enduro 2 class Husqvarna’s lone competitor Bartosz Oblucki was forced to retire on day one after he injured his foot on the enduro test. Breaking bones in his left foot Bartosz understandably took no part in the second day’s competition and will likely miss the final round of the season in France, in two weeks. Finn Matti Seistola was not competing in Greece for the CH Racing Husqvarna team due to recovering from recent knee surgery.

In the Enduro 3 class Husqvarna enjoyed podium success as Seb Guillaume finished as runner-up on day one and in third position on day two. Just 23 seconds behind eventual day one winner Ivan Cervantes, Seb performed well on all tests. Despite not quite being able to match his day one result at the end of the second day’s competition Seb nevertheless secured a second podium finish with third in the E3 class.

The CH Racing Husqvarna team will now prepare themselves for the final round of the ’09 World Enduro Championship in France on September 12-13.

Antoine Meo – Enduro 1: “I’m really, really happy with my results and performances. This win means much more to me that my first victory on Mexico. I felt that I was really the fastest rider here. I think I surprised Mika with my speed on day one. I pushed hard from the start and never stopped pushing hard throughout the day. On day two I was expecting Mika to fight back a little more, but I guess he is thinking about the championship a little now. Anyway, I pushed hard and again, from the start of the day, I was faster than him. I was the fastest overall rider on both days, which is great for everyone within the team. I feel really, really confident with my bike now. Competing in the first indoor Endurocross race in the States a few weeks ago really opened my eyes. I saw just how fast it was possible to go. Since then I have been working hard on all aspects of my racing.”

Seb Guillaume (left)– Enduro 3: “The first day was very good for me, but it was a hard race because of the heat. You had to keep drinking, and drinking, all day. It was really hard. I made one small mistake on the enduro test, which cost me the win. That was disappointing but generally I was pleased with my speed and the way I rode. Day two wasn’t so good. It just didn’t happen for me. I made quite a lot of small mistakes, especially in the enduro test where I didn’t have a good feeling. I finished on the podium again, which is good. But I wasn’t fast enough like I was on day one. I’m looking forward to the GP of France now.”


With almost 90 riders and 17 nations represented, the GRAND PRIX MAXXIS OF MEXICO is incontestably one of the greatest successes of MAXXIS FIM WEC history. Before plunging in 2010 ISDE of Morelia, the Federacion Mexicana de Motociclismo showed its talent for organization, and the passion testified by Mexican public was only a confirmation. This Sunday as the day before the spectators were many to come to the meeting of world best enduro riders. Riders with the face marked by the tiredness of the “marathon” disputed on Saturday. The program being a few reduced for this second round, they had to draw from their last reserves to reach the finish of this Mexican test, which had nothing to compare with holidays.

To ensure the World Title in the JUNIOR class, Oriol MENA (ESP-HSB) had to end in a honourable place, profiting from the particular rules of the less than 23 years category. By finishing first, he seals his destiny and wins at two Grand Prix from the end his first world crown, offering at the same time a third success to Husaberg after the titles of Joakim Ljunggren in 2006 and 2007.

Oriol MENA: “First of all I am tired, but I feel also very happy to win this title, and I want to thanks all the people who help me, my team, my sponsors. I am dreaming and I’m still asking myself if I am really the winner. I worked hard to be world champion, especially after my accident and my wound to the face. I will work as hard to manage my entry in the Seniors category next year.”

In the brawl for the victory that opposed him to Mena, Jérémy JOLY (FRA-HM) crashed in the Cross Test of the third lap. After a first diagnosis he would suffer from a fracture of the clavicle. Like Saturday, altitude is the number one enemy of motorbikes and breathless riders. In ENDURO 1, Mika AHOLA (SF-HM) knew once more whims of his machine to start the engine and begins the day with 10 seconds of penalty. By wasting time in the stone drains of the Extreme Test, he eats into his chances of victory and must be satisfied with the second place for only 15 hundredths. On his side, Antoine MEO (FRA-HVA) under the pressure of his rival at the end punctuates a perfect weekend by a second consecutive victory. The third step of the podium is for Simone ALBERGONI (ITA-KTM).

In ENDURO 2, Johnny AUBERT (FRA-KTM) strategy was to take a frank advantage from the first special tests of the morning. He succeeded easily to the pressure of Juha SALMINEN (SF-BMW) to ride alone at the head, such as he uses to do since the beginning of season. The strong man of the WEC was an exhausted man at the finish line of an event which marks his twelfth consecutive success this season. Victim of a distortion to the inch, Bartosz OBLUCKI (POL-HVA) was not able to defend the place he wished in the category. This wound of the Pole benefits in Salminen but also Cristobal GUERRERO (ESP-YAM), third of the day.

In ENDURO 3, Christophe NAMBOTIN (FRA-GAS), however leader during the ¾ of the race could not resist to the incredible come back of Ivan CERVANTES (ESP-KTM) at the end of the race. In particular the physical resources of the Spanish made the difference, and allow him to win the second Mexican round by 18 seconds in advance on Nambotin.

Ivan CERVANTES: “It was two hard days for me and since Slovakia Nambotin put a lot of pressure on me. Yesterday I finished in front of him, and today I did not think I was able to come back because I made a series of mistakes in the Extreme Test. After one hour and a half of cumulated special tests we returned to equality. I won, and this victory makes me confident for the championship and the next test in Greece, because it is there that I won my first world title. ”

At the end of an enthusiastic battle with Samuli ARO (SF-KTM), the winner of the day before, Sebastien GUILLAUME (FRA-HVA), takes finally the third place for more than one second. Note that after Nambotin Saturday, Antoine Méo wins the BMW MOTORRAD XTREME TEST AWARD Sunday.

Husaberg celebrates new EJ World Champion Oriol Mena

The Husaberg Factory Team had reason to celebrate in Valle de Bravo, Mexico this weekend with Spanish rider Oriol Mena clinching the EJ World Championship title with four races still in hand.
The young Spanish rider who has just signed a new contract with the Husaberg Factory Team went into the second race on Sunday knowing he only needed a result in the top five to take home the silverware. Nevertheless, he went out and performed to the same high standard that has given him 10 race wins and two second places in the twelve rounds held so far. Mena wrapped up the weekend with his characteristic double victory.

Dream came true says Mena
“Today I made one dream come true,” the young Spanish rider said after Sunday’s race. “I had a very good race yesterday and today even though I crashed three times I was still able to do it.” Mena drew compliments from his team manager Thomas Gustavvson who said it was a great day for the whole team and a excellent performance on what was a very difficult track at an altitude of over 2000 meters. Husaberg team-mate Bjorne Carlsson, who rides in E3 also said it was a great day for the team and for Mena. “It’s fantastic. He’s riding so good and he’s such a nice guy. We had fun in the finish where we sprayed him with champagne to celebrate,” he said.

Carlsson himself was not so fortunate this weekend. He finished in seventh place on Saturday and had to retire after one lap on Sunday, citing a lack of practice on the bike as a result of injuries. Carlsson has had a damaged knee and broke ribs in recent races and now hopes to work on his fitness for the final four races of the season. “I was very tired today,” he said after Sunday’s race. It was a tough track and I haven’t been able to train. Now I will return to Sweden and do a lot of training on the bike to get fit for the last races.

8-5 Result for Ljunggren in E2
Meanwhile Joakim Ljunggren who contests the E2 picked up valuable points with his eighth and fifth places at the mountain resort. “I feel good about the weekend,” he said. “At the beginning the bike was slow because of the altitude but that was the same for all bikes. I didn’t go so well on the first day and I had two big crashes in the extreme terrain and I’m not so good on the hard grassy surface here. Today was better and I had a good fight with Thain and Guirerro. All in all it was a very good and very tough race.”

First podium for Sjoo
The Husaberg team wrapped up a good weekend with another podium when Calle Sjoo rode to third place in the EJ class. “I am very happy because this is my first podium,” the young Swede said. “I was very fast in the first lap and then I crashed in the extreme and lost 14 seconds. I like the track especially as the day went on because I come from motocross and I like it when it’s bumpy and rutted.

Double E1 class victory for Meo at GP of Mexico

Frenchman Antoine Meo has given Husqvarna its first TE 250 powered World Enduro Championship race victory with a sensational double Enduro 1 class winning result at the GP of Mexico, round six of the ’09 WEC series. Agonisingly close to claiming his first WEC victory at the recent GP of Slovakia, Antoine continued his good form in Valle de Bravo to stand on top of the E1 class podium ahead of Mika Ahola on both days. Joining Antoine in enjoying success in the ’09 World Enduro Championship’s only non-European event was Seb Guillaume. Topping the Enduro 3 class on day one Seb returned to form having struggled to perform at his best in recent events following a crash at the GP of Finland.

Giving himself and the CH Racing Husqvarna team much to be pleased about Meo did on day one what he had been threatening to do at the last two GPs – finish at the very top of the Enduro 1 class. Although winning just five of the first full day’s 11 special tests Meo placed no lower than third in class on any test, which ensured he remained in the hunt for victory. In winning the final test of day one by three seconds he secured his first ever WEC victory. On day two Meo found things difficult. Sick for three days prior to the start of the race Antoine became tired soon after the start but knowing that a second race win was within his grasp gave his all to ensure he again arrived at the end of the day fighting for the win. Although not winning any of the special tests on the final lap, Meo’s hard work early in the day ensured he claimed his second ever WEC victory.

Competing as the CH Racing Husqvarna team’s lone Enduro 2 class rider due to Finn Matti Seistola having to undergo knee surgery, Bartosz Oblucki’s GP of Mexico didn’t go exactly to plan as a big crash early on day one spoiled his event. Riding extremely well prior to his crash, Bartosz was forced to fight his way through the two days with the help of pain killing injections. Fourth on day one, on day two things got really hard for Bart’ but he fought his way to the end of the day and finished eighth.

Finally putting the crash he sustained at the GP of Finland firmly behind him Seb Guillaume enjoyed a near perfect opening day as he piloted his WR 300 to a well-deserved Enduro 3 class win. Enjoying the Mexican event, and the long motocross test in particular, Seb took an early class lead and maintained his position at the front of the throughout the day. Seb’s eventual winning margin was 11 seconds. On day two Seb was one of many riders to feel less than 100 per cent. After a long, hard first day Seb was unable to start day two as he’d finished day one but upped his pace as the day wore on and claimed third, ensuring a second, deserved, visit to the podium.

Antoine Meo – Enduro 1: “It’s been a fantastic weekend for me. Winning on day one was really special because it was my first ever WEC victory. The Husqvarna team and myself have worked really hard this season and to finally win is really great. I had a really good day on day one. Mika had some problems in the morning and lost 10 seconds but I won by 12 seconds. I rode well all day and felt good. Day two was also good. I was sick for three days before the race and I started to feel really tired half way through the second day. Mika was pushing really hard but I managed to stay ahead of him and win again. I am really happy for Husqvarna and the team. I’m also pleased to give the TE 250 its first WEC victory.”

Bartosz Oblucki – Enduro 2: “I crashed really heavily on the motocross test on lap two of the first day and badly injured my right thumb. It was really difficult after that. I had a good opening lap so I was pushing hard to try and win the day. After my crash I was in fourth, and I had a good lead ahead of the riders behind me, so I am pleased that I was able to finish in that position. Day two was much harder. I had four different pain killing injections during the day, but it was still really hard to hold on because the track was so rough. I just wanted to try and score some points, which I managed to do. I’m happy with fourth and eight place results because it could have easily been a no-point weekend after the crash. I’d really like to thank the event organiser Sergio Diaz and his family and Husqvarna Mexico for their support and help.”

Seb Guillaume – Enduro 3: “The first day was really good for me. I decided just to take things easy on the Super Test and then eased my way into the first day’s competition. The motocross test was perfect for me so I pushed really hard and I finished 10 seconds ahead of the other riders. I knew then that I could do well. I pushed hard but I stayed within my limits and although it was close at the end of the day it was great to win. I didn’t have any problems or crashes on day one. After the disappointing results in Finland and Slovakia it was good to have a podium result again. Day two was really hard. I didn’t have a great opening lap but after that I got stronger. I had a good fight with Samuli Aro on the last lap and managed to finish on the podium again in third.”

Cervantes takes 2-1 result in E3 in Mexico

Ivan Cervantes of the KTM Enduro Factory Team came away from the two E3 World Championship rounds in Mexico's Valle de Bravo with an excellent 2-1 result to further boost his title chances with just four races to go.

The team's Spanish rider finished second behind Frenchman Sebastian Guillaume on Saturday, continually picking up his performance on the difficult track as the day progressed. Riders tacked the challenges of hard terrain on top of altitudes of up to 2200 meters in the mountainous lakeside resort just two hours from Mexico City. Cervantes went one better in Sunday's race, recovering from a crash in the second test, where he lost about 30 seconds to take the victory on the day. He now has a 22-point lead in the standings with four races still in hand.

Cervantes KTM team-mate Samuli Aro was just off the podium in fourth place for both races and is currently in fourth place in the standings. Aro however was the winner of the KTM Super Test on Friday night which was held on the shores of the lake at Valle de Bravo. The Super Test drew large crowds to watch the world's best Enduro riders in action and is a new feature of the championship that is proving to be a crowd winner and a value added attraction for the sport.

Fabio Farioli, team boss of the KTM Enduro Factory Team reported that the well run event was much tougher than riders had first expected, with the high altitude affecting both bikes and riders.

Aubert scores two more victories in E2

Johnny Aubert of the KTM Enduro Factory Racing T